Wednesday, December 21, 2016

[WIP] MG + Resin Crossbone x2

Surprise surprise I'm still alive!  Can you believe it has been a whole year since I have posted something here?

*EDIT*  I was going to have the photoshoot done for the completed kit but I'm taking care of my cousin for a bit on the account of his breaking the leg via dirt bike accident.  Sorry, everyone, completed photos will have to wait! Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

You may recall my review of the MG Crossbone X1 Full Cloth a whopping 4 years ago.  It was there I commented on how fragile the kit was--but I still wouldn't mind buying another to have the X2 variant . . . well guess what?  It happened.

It's not the P-Bandai X2 though . . . I actually acquired a second MG X1 from a friend for super cheap.  Fast-forward to the present year I come across a RESIN CONVERSION and just went for it!

My Goals were simple:
-finish a kit this year
-make this crossbone different from my previous crossbone gundam
-learn something new

What I ended up doing:
-partially finish a kit
-made it different enough
-played with fire

I actually didn't care much for the 'short' proportions of the Crossbone . . . it's bad enough it's based on the MG F91 frame--one of the shortest gundams.  You can see above the artwork is about 8 heads proportions and both the MG and the new HG 1/144 are about 8.5 heads proportions.

let's see what I ended up with after the jump . . . .

Hmm . . . that's not too bad.  But what if we compare it to the original?

OBARI AS F*CK!  Well . . . not really.  It's not about 9 Head Proportions . . . in artsy terms it's very 'heroic' in stature.  I highlighted the parts where I extended the joints using pla-plate and a brass rod inserted for strength.

SPEAKING OF joints . . . [not pictured]  I somewhat remedied the weak knee joints by drilling a hole and inserting the smallest brass rod I could find into it.  This reduced side-to-side wobbling significantly.

Another modification I did was lowering the kit's center of gravity.  I did this by inserting fishing weights into the lower legs.  This compensated for the added weight of the resin parts to the backpack.  Definitely stands more stable now.

of course the weights were too big . . . I cut them down to size with some hefty sheers.  I recommend having a pair of these for cutting metal in particular because otherwise cutting metal WILL DAMAGE YOUR HOBBY NIPPERS.  Yes I learned this firsthand when I ruined a pair of nippers . . . luckily they weren't God Hands or anything . . .

I also wanted to do something different . . .when I think of the Crossbone Gundam I think pirates . . . and capes.  To me the Crossbones' signature look usually means fashioning a cape of some sort.  In the Gundam universe the cape officially is designed to withstand a few [beam] attacks.

I looked into many ideas for doing capes for a long time and settled on one of the more traditional scale modeling techniques.

The ancient art of Elmer's Glue + Tissue paper!  I used a bendable wire to hold it all up.  It was an incredibly messy process . . . the whole thing required A LOT OF PATIENCE between layers since tissue will break up and fall apart if it's not dry enough. 

I also settled on what sort of pose to do since you can't really move tissue around after it has dried in glue.  That artwork is the basis for my X2.

Had to make a knife out of pla-plate since the original knife looked lackluster . . . 

my first attempt at a custom display base!  Although in truth it's really just the Bandai stand with spray foam covering it . . . 

I think the colors came out ok.  This is one of the few kits that I've painted 100% out of the box.


Joke's on you--I've already finished the kit!  Sorry, I have to clean up my paintwork because I did the weathering in a single sleep-deprived night.

Hopefully will take some actual pictures soon!  As per usual feel free to comment or ask questions on anything.  It's difficult to do a work-in-progress post since most of the talking points come up after you see the finished kit.

Otherwise, Happy Holidays!