Sunday, December 20, 2015

Happy Holidays! The year-end post; things to look forward to

     Happy Holidays, everyone!  I unfortunately have not had a productive year at all in terms of this hobby, but I sure hope you have.  What happened this year?  Well, I certainly started way more projects than I could finish . . . most I haven't documented at all.

Notable stuff after the jump:

-Gundam Build Fighters Try ended
     What a wild ride; I'm still in Season 1 mode . . .

-Gundam the Origin OVA 1 and 2
     yay, more toys

-Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans
    Surprisingly decent

-Mobile Suit Thunderbolt getting animated
     Read the manga . . . this is going to be fairly hot-blooded and classy.

-GBWC 2015 winners announced
     Well, ok, I still think the best year was 2013 with Shunneige's Nu Gundam.  At least this year there were fewer 'hot piles' of I-can't-tell-if-MS-or-MA entries.  Congrats to all winners.  I dunno . . . will I participate eventually?  I'll leave that to coincidence.

-My first Master Grade gunpla made after 2010.

I probably seem like a hypocrite right now telling myself I won't buy more kits cause of my huge backlog.  I couldn't resist when I found this MG Tallgeese for $15 at a garage sale; I also had my MG Wing ver EW on the shelf so I had to recreate this from the Frozen Teardrop graphic novel.   I know, nostalgia is a potent drug.

-I bought a 'bootleg' kit because I couldn't resist the low pricing and really wanted to re-create something from the show.

 I know, hurl rocks at me if you must . . . but if you must know I really wanted to affordably recreate Greco's Tallgeese Valkyrie from the GBF show . . with certain differences I haven't decided on yet.

It's weird . . . but it fits so oddly well.

Tallgeese Double-Bullet?!

This year has been tough--I mean many people out there lose loved ones so there's no excuse or meaning to single myself out.  Anyhow, I've recently been reminded that Gunpla/Plamo is a hobby and that by definition is something done out of leisure or free time for enjoyment.  You know I was going to quit the hobby altogether since adult-life isn't going all so swimmingly.  But last weekend I attended an end-of-the-year gathering with fellow Gunpla-enthusiasts and just became lost in the joy and wonderment being around others who share similar interests . . . some more perverse than others (I'm blaming Frame Arms Girls and Super Fumina).  

Anyways, I think it is the social moments I really look forward to with this hobby.  It's not necessarily recognition that I build well or participating to win prizes (ok fine I may be guilty of that one) but we as mortals are intrinsically social beings.  I know online communities can churn up a lot of rubbish to and fro people so I generally avoid those but I can certainly vouch for those in-person group builds or just meeting to socialize.  

I didn't intend to get all touchy-feely, TL;DR -- It's ok to feel lonely and miserable sometimes; just know there's a genuinely good community out there to connect with AND you have to take the opportunity to reach out for it.  Hey, you can even talk to me . . . over email or this weird thing they've done to Google+ which confuses me even more.  If you have a Facebook and esp. if you in California you can find me on the SF Bay Area Gundam Club.

Well, that's it . . . I wish you all a Happy New Year! Any new year's resolutions?  Surely mine will be to average more than 1 completed kit next year.