Monday, August 3, 2015

[Completed] MG Wing Gundam Fenice ver Ka

     Alright, it only took 1 year off and on working on this to finish.  This was meant to be a 'cool-off' project from working on my Resin-based Re-GZ last year--who would've figured it would take me this long.  One thing I know about myself is that I'm greedy when it comes to money--I chose to work more hours this year than to put into my model kits; how that decision will affect me long-term who knows exactly.  But here it is: the first kit I've 'completed' this year!

Onto the pictures!  Speaking of . . . I wanted to take way more pictures and recreate several poses from the show but I ended up scratching some of the paint . . . and well, the line must be drawn between Model Kit and Action Figure.  That's not to say I'm not going to take any pictures anymore--I feel these are 'enough' for my own enjoyment and for inspiring others.

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   My usual light-box collapsed prior to taking pictures, so this is the temporary setup I have running right now.  I'm considering building a new box out of PVC pipes but I would have to find a place to store it first.  With this setup I had to make my photo-sessions short because I did not want to start a fire with how close I put those cotton-sheets to the bulbs!

     The Wing Gundam Fenice is a version of the Wing Gundam piloted by Ricardo Fellini in the Gundam Build Fighters series--its current state is a result of numerous changes made throughout his childhood of victories and defeats.

You might remember I put together a MG Wing Gundam ver EW a few years back . . . for reasons not entirely known I have come to having a MG Wing Gundam ver KA in my backlog; I thought to myself maybe it would be a fun idea to make a ver. Katoki of the Wing Fenice.

Highlights of this kit:
-more Scratch-building practice
-more proportion modifications
-more dry-brushing practice
-more practice overall
-brass rod and paper clip used to strengthen joints and whatnot

Here are my previous posts if you would like to learn more about my building process.  Currently I don't have a habit of documenting my works-in-progress in detail though . . .

Now when the MG Build Strike Gundam was announced I was expecting a MG Fenice but instead we got MG Sengoku Astray . . . . a huge gap . . . MG Dark Matter Exia . . . . MG Red Warrior . . . MG Rinascita.  I enjoy the aesthetic of asymmetrical design--there is constant conflict on how to balance one side with another--for Fenice I imagined the Wing ver Ka's extra long buster rifle should do the trick.

Remodeling Explanation

You can check out in my WIP 1 that I used plastic plate to 'stretch' out the proportions of the MG Wing Ver KA including the neck, arms, waist, and thighs.  Watching mecha anime of the 80's and 90's growing up I much preferred the more human-like realistic proportions over the super-long legs of the more 'supermodel' designs now.  Although I do find the Wing Gundam very feminine . . . . so much that I gave it high-heels.


Since Fellini constantly repaired the Wing Gundam after countless victories and defeat I thought it would make sense to have it weathered.  I took this opportunity to practice my dry-brushing . . . and boy is it unrefined.  Surely one day I will get better at this.  This is also one of my earliest attempts at post-shading; though I really wished I remembered to pre-shade!

Yikes there is a huge putty gap where the backpack is . . . maybe if I were getting paid to do this then I would go back and re-do all of that. 

you may notice some of the WHITE is different all over the kit.  One reason is that I didn't paint session for very long so parts were completed at different times.  Plus I went back and painted over, what I thought to be, overly dark post-shading.  ANYWAYS Fellini's gundam was always in a state of repair so uneven-ness is quite a selling point.  I read that some builders like to paint several gradients of their base coat to create an uneven effect on purpose.  Let it be known mine was done entirely by accident.

You may notice a HUGE PAINT MARK under the right-arm . . . well that and the paint scratches are caused by the rifle.

I included the right-shoulder cannon.  Some may not remember but the Fenice has all sorts of hidden tricks!   The shoulder is mostly folded styrene sheet, but the barrel is the foot from the 1/100 NG Wing Gundam.  I also would later use the NG Wing's backpack and rifle to supplement the rest of this build.



"With only two shots, he shot down five gunpla in motion . . . .


With the paper-clip mod to the rifle handle (pictures later in post) the rifle can be held very steadily in one-handed firing position.  The shoulder PC joints aren't very stiff though--so topcoat generously to provide some friction.

*gyrating noises*

"Are you satisfied? Let's--"

"You're so stubborn"


"Yeah, you sure are!"

The loadout is fairly simple, but I've made a few modifications of my own *smirk*

The rifle's butt design is inspired by Briareo's rifle from the Appleseed series.  While adding the butt is supposed to counterweight it a bit the rifle is still front-heavy though.

... Part of the reason is that it is actually TWO guns in one!  The other reason being I used brass rod for the barrel.  And as we all figure metal weighs more than plastic.  Interesting aside: I've actually started using those lead fishing weights to keep my kits better planted to the ground.  That's not to say the MG Wing can stand entirely on its own now . . . I still recommend using a stand. 

I used paper clips at the end of the gun handles to hold more securely to the hands.  The paint has already scratched off . . .  and you want to be careful not to scratch the rest of the kit too!

I used the shield bracket to also hold the 'fencing saber' unique to the Fenice (also using a paperclip to hold)


now that I mention it--the left side really does do a lot of things.

You probably noticed that huge gap in the shield--I purposefully cut into it and with the aid of a ball joint made the opening gimmick for the beam saber the original Wing Gundam had.  KIRARA SWORD!  (in retrospect this was an unnecessary mod and I would not do it again)

I made the beam cape by folding a clear piece of plastic in a 'cone' shape like I would a paper fan.

Closing Remarks

Normally I would bombard you with walls of text but not this time--I am genuinely tired. I planned to recreate more scenes from the show but I'm figuring the more heavily I paint kits the harder it becomes to 'play' with them.  This was particularly true with my Re-GZ because how fragile Resin is; I broke the Wing's backpack joints earlier too when messing around for poses.

I can't recommend to anyone the MG Wing ver EW or ver KA for purchase simply because better options exist at this time (RG Wing EW, MG Rinascita, MG Proto Zero).  Ironically though if you are looking for a solid platform for customizing these older kits are good for that due to their simpler engineering. 

Did I leave anything out?  Feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions you have.  I'll try to respond to them as best I can.  Thanks for viewing!  Hopefully not an entire year again before I finish another kit.

Bonus: Consumables

Materials I used up building this kit:

Base Kit: MG Wing Gundam ver. Ka
Parts From: NG 1/100 Wing Gundam (rifle, backpack, toe)
Styrene Sheets various 0.3mm clear to 0.7mm solid
Paperclips cut down as makeshift pegs for weapons
Hobbybase swivel joint large for backpack
Hobbybase hand for a particular pose

Vallejo Acrylic Primer (Gray)
Tamiya Acrylics (mixed green, white, black, german gray, silver, among others)
Tamiya Flat Base + Pledge Future