Tuesday, July 7, 2015

[WIP3] Wing Fenice ver Ka and Mid-Year Update

Hey, everyone, a head's up for those in the SF Bay Area that Tatsu Hobby in San Jose will be hosting their 6th Mecha Modeling Contest.  While not as prestigious as the Gunpla Builders World Cup (latest one this past weekend @ Anime Expo) it's a great place to meet some great people and talk about shared interests.  I believe one of the bigger gatherings is the annual one in SoCal hosted by Those Gundam Guys, I hear people fly in out of state just to attend.  I'll most likely attend Tatsu's next week--independent of 'how finished' my Wing Fenice will be by next week.

Speaking of which I actually took a few more pictures, what a surprise!

Ah, apologies I only took a single picture again.  Well to tell the truth I've been using my phone's camera and it just isn't nearly as crisp as my Nikon D60.  This will have to do for now.  She's pretty much on her last layer of topcoat--I plan to attempt *gasps* my first ever post-shading . . .  crossing my fingers here.  And then some the usual pigments for further weathering effect.  Here I have already drybrushed all over.

While I am embarrassed to mention I did screw up a bit during the process--there are 'smudges' of paint on some areas like the right foot . . . and one big gaping seamline where the wing snapped in half

While drybrushing I also chipped some of the decals . . .  for this example I just painted the pink back in.  Kira~ra~

It's difficult to notice without using a better camera but I chipped a section right on her forehead and attempted to paint it back in.  Close enough!

Another topic altogether

Today I also happened to chance upon Ying's Hobbies & Toys, one of the shops usually recommended in the SF Bay Gunpla Builders group.  They are located close to the Chinatown parking complex and have some very well made/painted kits on display--but their prices are so-so (even their 25% off everything Gunpla doesn't compare to buying online).  I was timid in browsing their small store.  The selection is good but no rare kits (like the G-Bouncer) or anything that deviates too far from Bandai Gundam.  While the shop people there spoke my native Cantonese I didn't talk to them at all--because I didn't intend to buy anything . . .

That's right, folks, I'm a window shopper.  Well, most of the time.

I have unfortunately accumulated a lot of backlog in the past year alone:

I could spend an entire post talking on about what custom kits I want to build in the future . . . but another time.

Anyways the point I was getting to is how often do you find yourself window shopping?  Just browsing stores and not actually buying anything--not necessarily gunpla.  With the exception of rare cases I never buy my kits from physical stores because of the vast tools for acquiring the kit I want for the cheapest possible price available online.  Hobby store owners must really dislike me.  Though I occasionally go to Tatsu Hobby Shop for the social aspects I rarely purchase anything.

My little side project(s):

I got my hands on these FlightPose display bases a few months back and am overjoyed at how rock-solid they are.  You can quickly search up FlightPose and order directly from their site, though they are often backordered and it could easily take up to a month to get a display base from them.  It certainly is cheaper than ordering from another shop (like HLJ).

The stands use grippy nylon ball ends to firmly keep a model in place

They are so grippy in fact that my WIP MG Fenice has no problem standing on them like a ninja.  As a sidenote you can scratch your topcoat if you rub too much against the grips.  This is a product I highly recommend as a solution to displaying any aircraft-type kits in particular like Base Jabber or Dodai.  Of course the Base Jabber comes with a stand adapter for Bandai's Action Base so it really depends what sort of display you're going for.  The main advantage of the FlightPose over the Bandai Action Base is that THESE DISPLAY BASES DO NOT WOBBLE AT ALL.  The square acrylic base is weighted and the arms are controlled by how tight you adjust the screws.

I also picked up a EX Model 1/100 and 1/144 Dopp recently.  Here is a size comparison next to my WIP Dodai II

I wonder if I should try selling the 1/100 for another 1/144 or modding it down to the scale because it frankly is too large for my uses.

One of the problems Zeon had was their understanding of atmospheric flight #zeonaerodynamics
Here I attempt to remedy some of the Dopp's shortcomings.


Anyhows thanks for reading and have fun building!