Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tatsu Hobby's 6th Mecha Modeling Competition Pictures

Gallery Link here (thanks to Cane @Tatsu for taking the pictures).

You can view my entry starting @ #55.  Congratulations to the winners!  They have a level of polish and discipline to the hobby I one day hope to achieve.

It seems that I am messier than I thought--the camera in conjunction with the lightbox really caught the numerous issues I faced with my Fenice.  In general most would probably agree I'm too impatient with my basic building process as fellow modelers were able to notice a lot of rough surfaces from not properly sanding where I used putty, for example.  And because I played with it too much one of the wings snapped and left a huge gaping seamline. 

I really have to take peoples' feedback to heart because I'm basically scratch-building before I can properly put together a model kit!  While I feel disappointed with my shortcomings I also feel very glad that after so many years of off/on building model kits that I'm always learning/relearning.  For better or worse I guess is perhaps dependent on one's perspective. 

Tatsu's 7th Modeling Contest theme will be "Clean Build"--where the model kit must portray that it's brand-new and right out of the factory.  Sounds like an opportunity for me to work on improving my basic model building techniques.

Anyhow, I'm off to take some pictures this week.  Can't wait to recreate some scenes from the show.