Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tatsu Hobby Mecha Modeling Competition 5 Gallery

Here's a link to the photos taken during the event yesterday.

My current project entry starts at #79 (Gouf + Dodai); the chosen Winners' pieces are the last few kits.  The camera picks up a lot of the mistakes I've made earlier in the week with my kit.

     Over the past year I've missed out on at least 2 of the previous club modeling events and the skill cap has yet again been raised.  People brought their "A-Game" and a part of me feels embarrassed for showing up with a kit I hastily put together the week prior to the event.  On the other hand I talked to at least one other person who did their weathering overnight as well so that was a fun topic of discussion.  Overall I'm impressed with the steady improvement of skill the SF Bay Gunpla Group has contributed to over the past 2 years and am glad I could be part of it.

At the same time I feel relieved I was able to show some things people may have never thought possible.  In the coming months I should have the kit finished up a bit more and show you all what I mean.  Here's a small picture to break the monotony that is wall of text:

The theme for the gathering was "EFSF vs. Zeon" btw--you can sorta guess which side I chose =P
Oh man you can also see that flawed sanding surface on the leg on the upper-left over there . . . kinda embarassing--but when you are doing it in a hurry and during the middle of the night this could be a common problem for me.

Anyhow I originally wanted to leave the kit in its current state to show what a crappy job looks like when I rush-job a kit.  But after talking to a few people who intend on entering the prestigious Gunpla Builders World Cup I've been encouraged to re-do parts of the kit.  Now I definitely don't want to strip all the paint down and do it from there especially after already putting on some decals!  A part of me is still embarrassed anyway to show my work so everyone will have to wait until I make amends.  I'm not a world-class builder but I guess if I can fix it then I might as well before I feel any regrets.

I hear you all like work-in-progress pictures so here's one of the Gouf I worked on.  This was taken prior to the first coat of paint; I'm currently stripping that off and re-doing the textures with helpful servings of putty and mr. surfacer.  I started the habit of taking some pictures during the building process so I will have some more WIP pics when the kit is closer to [my idea of] completion.

From my point of view it looks like a nightmare to work with.  Sanding isn't one of my strong points unfortunately.

That leads to what I wanted to affirm.  I originally started this hobby as a solitary form of meditation and self-improvement . . . but Gunpla is far more than that--it's very much a social activity where sharing among others contributes back to your own development.  I really needed something such as this because of how  . . . depressed I felt with things in the previous months.

With that said I'm looking forward to continue the hobby despite the hardships I face and I encourage anyone feeling less-than-enthusiastic to join in on discussing anything even if not directly related to the hobby.