Monday, March 9, 2015

[Preview] Mecha Competition 5

     Hey, everyone, this is pretty short notice but if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area I encourage attending Tatsu Hobby's 5th Mecha Modeling Competition on Saturday March 28th.  It's a great place to meet fellow modelers and/or fans of the Gundam-verse.  While events do not entirely cater to the Gundam theme this 5th modeling event is specifically themed 'EFSF vs. Zeon' . . . . I postponed any other projects (well, not entirely because of that reason--I do find friendly competition invigorating though).

     As for my entry, you can find a teaser after the jump.  I usually hate doing teasers because the hype is unnecessary--my work is seldom polished and oftentimes rushed . . . like this one.

     Well . . .  it has been 2 months now and well the time for grievances needs to end, over that course of time I've had to pick up new and reinforce current responsibilities--it's never going to be the same when someone is missing from your life.  But you know the guys @ Tatsu are some of the friendliest bunch I've had the pleasure of socializing with (I have missed a majority of their events last year though).  I need this to feel like myself again, for lack of better words.  And I really appreciate having something like this to turn to even though my hobbies aren't a high priority right now.

Anyways here's what I've been working on:

Nope it's not the HGUC Gouf Custom released back in 2010 . . . . it's the 1/144 Gouf C released back in 1998!  Can you just  imagine how old [and wrinkly] I must be? (kidding)  It's still in scratchbuilding phase though . . . need to extend the armor to better match the taller proportions.  I'm not going to give out my secrets yet--because I honestly do not know if I can finish this kit.  #adultresponsibilities #3weeksleft

While I don't like showing up to social events empty-handed I encourage everyone who can attend to do so.  I look forward to talking about the things we love.  Heck, maybe I'll bring snacks.