Friday, January 9, 2015

I Love You, Mom

     Normally I try to avoid talking about my personal life here and well . . . everywhere else because people looking at my blog are diverse and vary in views--simply put people probably don't want to read a gunpla blog for personal news.  If I were to get into some long ranting about how good/bad my life is or something you would all find something disagreeable and it would ultimately be distracting from the hobby.  However oftentimes the reality of it all hits us unexpectedly without warning.

Yesterday morning my mother passed away at the hospital where she was being treated for ovarian cancer.  Much of last year she had been fighting the disease, supported by both family and friends.  In that unexpectedly short time I devoted as much time as I could to support her through the treatment process.  It doesn't have to be said explicitly but I wish I could have done more for my mom and that we could have shared many more fond memories.

But without getting philosophical, religious, and whatnot--I want to take this time to encourage you all to take a brief moment, check-up on your loved ones and let them know you care even if it's just mostly in silence or like a simple text message.

I also want to extend My Thanks outside to everyone here who reads my blog and the Gunpla community for being awesome; I enjoy reading and browsing through all fellow modelers' works which inspire creativity and aid with overcoming the difficulties I encounter in life.  If I said I were to quit the hobby entirely because of the overwhelming responsibilities I face--that would certainly be not true.

Thank You