Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Holidays and To A New Year!

     Yes, I still try to build model kits in my free time; contrary to my lack of posts this year I've been occupied most of the year with non-hobby related stuff.  Before I go on about ranting on misc. things and myself 
I just want to wish everyone 
If you ever want to talk about anything hobby or not-hobby-related feel free to comment or send me a message.

EDIT:  I should also mention briefly that during the holidays is when one might see family and friends the most--it is also the best time to not only take better care of yourself but them as well!  I am hesitant to mention on my blog but aside from life's usual challenges my mom needs me more than ever.  For a huge chunk of the remaining/upcoming year I will see that I can help her in every way I can and see her through the medical treatment.
     So I should really be wishing everyone a Happy Holidays AND To Good Health!

Anyhow this may be my last post for the year--various conditions have me delaying the finishing of my kit . . . so I reluctantly must say I've only completed and painted A SINGLE KIT this year.  Actually, not even . . . because my Re-GZ was carried over from the previous year . . . oh my.

I wouldn't exactly say I'm disappointed in myself because I have snapped a few other kits together in my free time:

Eeek, potato-quality . . . I don't have my usual camera and setup right now which is one of the reasons I haven't been posting much.  From from left to right of the kits I 'built' this year: Koto Dygenguar, LBX Phantom, MG/Resin Re-GZ, Koto Frame Arms Architect, Koto Su 47 Berkut, and MG Red Frame.

There are several good reviews of each above kit floating around the interwebs so I won't be doing any detailed writeups.  If you are considering purchasing any of the above or similar kits and have doubts please feel free to ask me any questions.

The rest of the post is just backlog and a reflection on the year so no worries if no read or just browsing for the pictures. (after the jump)

MG Wing ver. Ka delayed

     I broke a fairly important peg--this is why you don't play with your kits (too much)!

     My plan is to use the same brass rod hinge trick I did for the Re-GZ's sweeping wings.  However, that does involve drilling a hole, sanding, and repainting that area . . . This kit was originally something to have fun and 'cool down' from building the resin kit but it is taking much longer than I expected.

My building technique definitely needs polish--you may be able to notice some issues I'm having with the paint job and the uniformity of the surface (my sanding sucks).  But you know I'm not doing this for money or anything like that; just have to do better on the next kit.

By the time I finish the Wing Fenice idea will probably be totally irrelevant to some other 'new hotness' that comes around. I keep up with the current second season of Gundam Build Fighters and oh boy they just go through new MS designs like  . . . a quick model kit sale.

The Backlog Grows

     Ok, this has not been a good year for my wallet.

     It's no secret now that I'm a HUGE ARMORED CORE FAN--I have most of these Variable Infinity series kits (not pictured) stashed away IF I ever run out of things to build . . .  Coincidentally, Kotobukiya has a habit of discontinuing their products so these are getting rare/expensive.

I'm a sucker for nostalgia--I think it has been about 10 years since I left the AC community.  Funny enough that was around the time the PS3 came out along with Armored Core 4.  I didn't have the means to move onto the new PS3 platform so you could say I got pretty distant from that community.  Believe it or not there was a time where I was more poor than I am now.

How I would describe my current situation is:
1) Work for money
2) use money to buy things like Gunpla
3) realize time spent making money = no more time for Gunpla

On a serious note: I can tell you that financing a NEW Car out of school is gonna eat into the majority of your budget.  Going used is better money spent (for other things).  Well, I mean unless you get the much better-paying job.  Wishful Thinking.

       These are purchased from last year . . . . You're probably wonder how I'm able to hold off building the excellent MG Sinanju kit for so long.  It's a sheer force of willpower I'll tell you at least that much.

Another Great Year for Gunpla

     I didn't buy any Gundam kits for myself this year, so no big loss.  Thought I would highlight some of the releases that caught my eye.

(+) MG Gundam X
     (-) MG Gundam Double X announced . . . but where is X Divider (the MG I actually want)?

(+) MG Turn X
     No complaints, Bandai Delivered

(+) HGUC Zeta Plus
     (-) HGUC Zeta Plus A1 ver. is limited release and pricey

(+) RG Z'Gok
    And it's often priced as low as a HGUC Kit!

(+) MG Hi-Nu ver ka

(+) HGUC ZII (zeta variant)
     (-) it's not the ver. Katoki so the body proportions are perhaps even more strange to me

(+) HGBF Lightning Gundam
     (-) Back Weapon System sold separately, cost can get high this way in the states
     Looks more like a ReZel with Zeta head rather than Re-GZ based to me.

(+) RG Wing Gundam Zero Custom
     It's probably going to make the MG Wing Gundam I'm working on almost irrelevant . . .

What were some of your favorite product releases or hobby-related occurrences this year?  Don't forget to celebrate your own progress!