Friday, October 24, 2014

[WIP2] Wing Fenice Ka. Base Color applied . . . but I only took one picture

Previous WIP1

Haven't updated since August so thought I'd check in . . . with unfortunately another teaser!  

at this angle you almost ignore how back-heavy it is!
Anyone hear of the Gundam FTWest BringBackGundam contest?

Supposedly a Gunpla building contest hosted by fellas hoping to promote Gundam here in the west . . . . did I mention entries are due next week?  I am really bad at this timing thing.

I missed my chance to finish this guy for Tatsu Hobby's summer contest, so who knows maybe I will finish this guy for the GundamFTWest's.  I encourage anyone who has recently built a Gunpla to enter because supposedly the entries will all be featured/tweeted on every Official Gundam/Sunrise Twitter account! 

(well, also few prizes available but don't think I'm just motivated by free stuff coughcough)

Update:  Yep, I just can't keep to a schedule with so many personal things coming up--sorry, everyone, but my Wing Fenice won't be finished this month!

Update2: Dangit, I wasn't the first to think of this 'conversion' for the Ver. Ka

Until next time!  Brace Yourselves, Winter is Coming.