Saturday, May 17, 2014

Unicorn OVA 7 FINAL and Preview

EDIT: added some pictures of loot

    Hello, viewers of this blog, I'm still alive!  Just finished the Final Episode of the Gundam Unicorn OVA and felt like updating since it has been more than a month (is that bad?).

Anyhow, DO NOT read ahead if you do not like minor spoilers for the Unicorn Series and/or just hate reading in general.  BUT BUT  I have a small teaser of what I'm working on after the Re-GZ!  I know I know--I haven't finished the Re-GZ and here I am already thinking about my next build.

The following will be my usual nonsense of reflecting on my life and my hobby (including the Gundam Series animation).  So, if you don't care for it but still want to see what I'm working on feel free to scroll to the end (I won't hold it against you).

*Build Fighters Season 2 announced!
     That's good news since I wanted my next 2 builds to be BF-related!  I have a wild prediction that Mao's next MS will be the NETHER GUNDAM!!!  What other MS from the Gundam universe could succeed the use of the solar particle system better than Neo-Holland's champion MS!

*MG Hi-Nu Ver. Ka announced! (and numerous other products)
     Crap, now I have to decide between the Coreworks Resin Hi-Nu conversion for my old Nu ver.1 or this new one since they both follow after Izubuchi's original design of the MS.  

*Gundam Unicorn OVA 7 FINAL

     What is there to say?  I just streamed it with Chinese subs and boy was it a roller coaster ride of emotions.  I'm probably going to watch it again once the official English Dub releases since my Japanese isn't spot-on.  There's a good balance of fight choreography and character dialogue in this one as to appeal to the majority of viewers who look for either/or.  I do commend the production team for bringing us this ending to the animation as best they can.  I'm sure the community will be divided on Unicorn as they are with EVERY Gundam series as per usual.

     Hmm, I guess that's all I had to say about Unicorn . . . oh well.  I enjoyed it and I get to discuss it with fellow fans so that's good enough for me.

     Oh, and I guess the minor spoiler part is . . . .

Mobile Fighter G Gundam probably isn't very far from the UC Timeline.  Jokingly, of course.  I really hope Unicorn's "Kung-Fu" does not become a 'thing'.  I mean, as a fan of the Universal Century primarily I like to at least try to perceive what happens in Gundam as plausible in reality as I can.

*Life is always set to maximum difficulty with no save file
     I didn't want to say it, but I'm most likely not going to building Gunpla/PlaMo much longer--at the very least I will finish my Re-GZ and won't have time to do anything else the rest of this year.  Life, like Gunpla, is most definitely an uphill climb to achieve, change, grow, and advance oneself.  It's each individual's choice where to allocate their limited time in this world to--and for me my well-being and my family come first.
     No, I'm not saying I'm going to die or anyone else, for that matter, so no worries.  My childhood days are long passed so leisure time is becoming awfully scarce; I didn't start this hobby to make money, get popular, or become as good as those who enter the Gunpla World Builder Cup.  This is not a fairwell, this is just . . . me ranting off about how I could've built so much more kits when I had the opportunity.
    But new opportunities arise every day and some of those I should probably choose over more my [numerous] hobbies and interests. 

TL;DR - I'm probably going to be posting/doing Gunpla way less and there's not much I can do about it.  I don't care that you don't care but I can certainly empathize with others in the same/similar boat.

now without further adieu a teaser for other kits I'm working on [this year].  Yay, no surprises!

     Running off the popularity that is Build Fighters--the Wing Gundam ver. Ka!  Here I am planning to modify with the asymmetric configuration of one of the main cast--can you guess who?  I'm not the first person to think of this--I just happened to have this kit, and after building the MG Wing ver. EW, I won't be satisfied with just straight-building basically the same kit again.

     the second kit I hope to finish in time for a Gunpla Contest in August but will prob not be able for reasons I wrote earlier.  Some design cues shall be inspired by Queen Elizabeth from the anime Senjou no Horizon--I've never done a royal-esque inspired MS before so it's already fun thinking about it. It's actually going to take more design cues of the mecha from The Five Star Stories . . . .

... the anime isn't among my favorites though, but a fun watch nonetheless.

I also obtained some USED kits recently.  

     More for the backlog I guess--these are Kotobukiya's line of Armored Core kits which usually retail for $40-50 new so grabbing them all for <$10 each methinks is a good deal since I'm a fan of the series.  Koto is also notorious for discontinuing their plastic kits on short notice so they are increasingly difficult to obtain over time.

poor White Glint was hastily painted over; the waist joint is broken

missing right foot

waist peg broken

     This is far more than I can handle with my pace of modeling.  The kits have missing pieces and some have broken pieces--but if anyone is interested I'm willing to sell

Until next time!  I dread to think "if there is a next time"