Monday, March 31, 2014

[WIP5/Teaser] The "What-if" Scenario

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     OK ok ok, WHAT IF . . . Amuro somehow made a miraculous appearance in Unicorn OVA 4?  I mean, the Ra Cailum had this in the hanger:

le gasps

     To be honest, I can't see a 100% satisfying conclusion to Unicorn OVA this year--but it's not like Amuro showing up would make things any worse =P

Anyways, this is my last Work In Progress for the MG Re-GZ + Conversion Kit.  I'm lending my camera equipment away for a bit to people who need it so photos of my completed kit won't be available until late-next month at best.

     ACTUALLY, I'm not completely satisfied with what progress I've made--I literally pulled and all-nighter getting it presentable at my local Gunpla group for a club event (only 3 hrs of sleep!).  Furthermore, it was suggested I switch from using Acrylic paint entirely to Lacquer because of much faster cure times.  It would be difficult since I have so much Acrylic paint left . . .

I see this delay good for me--I have to touch up the paint since I made quite a few technical errors (some too late to fix).  Those of you who attended Tatsu Hobby's most recent event got to see the current state of the kit!  I think without such motivation I would have never pushed the kit so much closer to completion.  OH and I'm remodeling for tile floor this week so I'll be extra busy and extra loud--time to put that heavy duty compressor to good use.

TL;DR - Re-GZ still needs some touch-up/painting/detailing, I'm not a machine so it'll be slow as per usual.  Have some teaser pics in the meantime after the jump:

Attempted pre-shading for the first . . . . but you know after 3-4 layers of paint the effect went from subtle to nonexistent.

The last color came out darker than I'd like so had to remix a few times

I used Blue-Tack adhesive to do the traditional camouflage--also a first for me

Took a break afterwards, started playing with my brother's newly completed kit.  He has now completed more than 2 model kits, a huge achievement for someone who started years ago . . . . haha . . . I really hope this slow pace of building doesn't run in the family



     Next time I hope to have a finished (well, the point where I stop) kit coupled with decent photos.  Something I kept mentioning to myself and others I've talked about--is that once you get past the hesitation to use GLUE or other kinds of super adhesive on your model kits the possibilities suddenly seem limitless.  I suddenly feel like I'm going to end up like one of those old timers who build like WW2-era military kits in the future . . . .

I didn't realize this sooner, but apparently I have 3 Zeta Gundam-type kits already . . . . While I generally try to collect as many different kinds as I can the Zeta design intrinsically finds a way into my hands.

I also made this just for fun, hoping that I don't just collect Zeta Gundams in the future haha

One more thing: I'm thinking about putting a subtle watermark on my pictures.  Sharing is great, but I look at a lot of other peoples' work but oftentimes they are shared through a RSS or news reel site WITHOUT a linkback to the source/original modeler.  I enjoy talking to others about our kit building and related interests but it's not possible if you don't know how to reach that person. 

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