Friday, February 14, 2014

[WIP 4] Gundam wannabe (repost)

oh wow I'm sorry, everyone, I accidently deleted my last post (this same post before)  . . . . 

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here we go again:

   Hey, anonymous blog viewers, I'm still alive and building gunpla!  Just a quick update on the MG Re-GZ Custom conversion kit I've been working on since . . . September?  I am really moving at a snail's pace here.  Anyhow, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

OH, and why this post is titled 'Gundam wannabe' is explained near the end of this post.

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I'm a huge fan of the Ace Combat franchise, so much that I've spent a lot of time thinking about the Re-GZ's new waverider mode--making it much more appealing [to me].  Below I have re-purposed the old Re-GZ's wings and mounted them to the legs to closely resemble a 90's/modern era fighter craft.

added a rear fuselage using Re-GZ's old fuel tanks (big red thing)
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     I also went back and gave the original rifle small modification: thickened the handle and added a larger mag so it appears to be a more powerful bullpup-style rifle.  I also made a rectangular hole on both guns so it can be mounted with the ver. Ka hands I'll be using (from the MG Jesta)

     ghetto mods galore--here I drilled a hole using rotary tool to give the wings some swiveling articulation--I plan to hold it together using a piece of brass rod, then sealing with putty.  UGH sanding galore after that . . .

    Finally, I wanted to make the Re-GZ 'more Re-GZ' and 'less Zeta-like' so I'm going to use the trademark 'bug antenna'.


Oh Gyunei you
         Ok, so Char and Gyunei don't exactly recognize the original Re-GZ as a Gundam-type despite naming convention (REfined Gundam Zeta).  *sigh*  I'm sure fans are similarly divided on 'what' the Re-GZ is in terms of classification.

the primer is coming off due to playing with it too much!

     The final look will not have the 2 center v-fins traditional to the Zeta series--I want to show off the bug antenna better.  Using styrene sheets I have added some edges to the shoulders--my inspiration is a mecha from the Muv-Luv Total Eclipse series which was inspired by the aircraft I'm modeling this kit after.  Weird, so my inspiration is inspired by something inspired by what I was originally inspired by (bleh).

I also took the liberty of extending the arms and legs to more human-like proportions using the same styrene sheets--they are so useful (and inexpensive) I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to customize their kits!

Until next time; I found out that I will be lending my camera and equipment out to someone the following month . . . . what do? 

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