Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays! and see you next year!

Edit: (2013.12.31) added more pics + new section ("Where did all my money go?")

     2013 is the year we celebrate the world not coming to an end; instead this year went by quickly with all the events.  I noticed Gunpla by itself created a bigger impact now that we fans are getting the model kits we want and places like Amazon are making them much more affordable in the U.S.  Periodically, you can find HGs or MG level kits selling for close to HLJ's prices--without the fat shipping cost!  Finally, we are ending the year with the ongoing Gundam Build Fighters anime which is pleasing to both veteran and younger fans.

     So what did I do this year?  In terms of Gunpla, I've only completed 3 kits . . . that's a real bummer.  I actually joined a local-area Gunpla group the second-half of this year so more discussing and less building than I'd like =_=;;     But you know life is about hitting curveballs, or some analogy like that.

Happy Holidays from yours truly, and looking forward to more exciting events in the coming year!

and a preview of what I'm currently working on . . .

  also other mentions:

So where did all my money go?

      That's a good question--I've made quite a few investments this year now that I look back....

my first airbrush
to prevent respiratory problems
some of my favorite heroes

      Got Mr. Wobbles here <$20 from Ebay used since I'm nostalgic for Armored Core; this guy isn't made anymore (circa 2001) so the collectible/unopened goes for $60+!  The engineering by Kotobukiya in the early days . . . very poor; I hope to re-joint this guy and detail him up.  It will be my first modding an action figure.

and . . . I know I keep telling myself to stop buying kits since I need to re-work my old ones, but due to sales and occurrences I have stumbled upon these:

I think I will get to them eventually . . .

updated computer

saved old computer
went micro-SSD

put money into healthier living
    Well . . . that's a lot of spending on my part--so you can see why I don't buy many new kits!

Favorite vidya game of 2013: Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut

     What happens when you take one of my favorite stealth-action third person rpg-like shooters, refine the boss fights, and integrate all DLC into the main story seamlessly?  A game I played 3 times over.  I love story-driven games, and I love having a glimpse into dealing with humanity's future problems. Sci-fi as a genre is constantly redefined since . . . well, a lot of stuff we thought counted as fiction originally is now reality; Augmentation isn't too far away.

Runner-up: Civilization V: A Brave New World

     I love strategy games, I love strategy-world-building games even more.  This took many hours from my life and every scenario/map feels fresh.  I uninstalled this on purpose so I wouldn't blow anymore time on it.

Game I wish I played: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    I hear it's like a '1-player co-op game', very heartwarming and proof that you don't need big budget content to make an excellent game.