Saturday, October 19, 2013

[WIP3] Re-GZ - finicky about details

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     Has it been 2 months already?  Oh my . . .
Personal life has definitely taken up a good chunk of what I've been doing--I actually am unsure if I will finish this kit before year's end now.  My physical health actually has gone a bit downhill so a good deal of my free time will be devoted there.

anyways, here's my 3rd Work in Progress for Re-GZ Custom:

this probably doesn't need to be said, but...
Resin Recasts in particular require substantial amounts of work compared to the run-of-the-mill plastic kits.  What I've done so far is applied primer twice now--a light coat followed by another layer. Since primer is self-leveling many details I have missed before are coming to light . . . mostly due to the recasting process.

to be fair, the texture is leftover from me using glue

time to learn panel-line scribing

that's a big gap to fill

TL;DR - Resin kits will require a lot of scrutiny, don't be afraid to sand again and again even after primer.  I'm on my 3rd round of sanding!  It's a good thing I found cheap sandpaper in bulk at my local auto-shop (that's right, the paint section of an autoshop).   

I also noticed something very wrong with the head ... 

You can't have one of Amuro Ray's personal machines without vulcans of some sort--that's like his bread and butter.  I also just noticed how crooked the head-sensor mold is . . . more sanding.

     Unfortunately, I am not perfect . . . and I used a very imprecise cutter for the brass rod bits here--as you may notice with the non-matching vulcans.  I drilled the holes using the smallest drill attachment on my Dremel rotary tool.  Maybe Amuro uses his left vulcan more than his right vulcan? =D

Major problems ahead include:
-The elbow joint's construction involves being perma-attached to the rest of the arm . . . just like the Zaku I previously worked on . . . I will have to finish painting joints before applying seamline-treatment to the arm.

-sanding out the areas my camera caught.  My camera sees better than I do T_T

-fixing/scribing those imperfect panel lines.  Maybe I could attempt adding my own lines?

Well, until next time!  Winter is Coming!

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