Thursday, August 15, 2013

[WIP] Re-GZ Custom part 2: scratchbuilding is tanoshii

Previous WIP 1
one month already?!  this is baaaad, the air compressor I use is being used for home renovation at a distant location.  Then again, it was meant to power industrial air tools, not airbrush gunpla XD

I am considering buying a small/quiet air compressor w/ tank for myself  . . . I am suffering airbrush-withdrawal >_<  It would benefit to have a much smaller/quieter compressor anyway; I think I'll check out my local hardware store to see if they have any light-duty ones.

TL;DR - I'm in the market for an airbrush compressor; the below video demonstrates the difference in noise my current one generates . . . and how quiet I expect my future one to be (if I do decide to purchase).

Well, I got something done with the Re-GZ even without painting, believe or not . . . more after the jump

Previous Work in Progress HERE

 I was faced with the difficulty of attaching the backpack to the rest of the Re-GZ.  The solution I chose was embedding brass rods into the plastic, then poking those into the original backpack.  I then filled up the gaps with putty . . . where most of the putty ended up sticking to the brass rod than the plastic >.>

This is a bit more complicated than just gluing it on--but I wanted to have the back-mounted cannons swing forward a bit in MS mode.

next item is the "beam" rifle:

Because I originally SNAPPED the barrel off via playing with it too much, I thought to myself "hey, instead of just gluing it back on let's improve it!".  And so I did . . .

 ok, now correct me if I'm wrong but the Re-GZ concept art's rifle looks very similar to the real-life AK-47 assault rifle.  Both the Re-GZ's default rifle and the resin cast one look rather pitiful if you think about it, so I:

1) extended the gas tube mechanism with some brass rod snippets.  I'm not a master of firearms but I do know a bit about weapons from vidya games and tv!  The AK-47 uses gas-operated reloading (that's what the tube at the top is for); you can probably see that tube is molded into that resin already--I simply extended that tube to make it resemble a real AK-47.

2) added a large magazine.  Ok you got me there . . . why would a beam rifle use clips?  is it even a beam rifle?  does this even make sense?
     Anyhow, I did this by cutting out a bunch of styrene sheets in the shape I wanted--then stacking them atop each other to get the thickness I wanted.

3) added a trigger to the handle.  I'll admit when I first noticed no trigger it bothered me greatly.  I used the same technique as with the magazine, except I only stacked 2 sheets of styrene atop each other--and glued the assembly to the rifle.

It's still rough on the edges but should look better after some putty filling, primer and paint =)
UGH speaking of paint reminded me that I have no way of using my airbrush for the upcoming month . . . . ARGH!  Why do I lend out tools?!

Oh, and one more piece of news:

I won something!


 I was recently informed that I had been nominated Lupe's Pick in Gundam Beginner's Weathering Contest I participated in previously.  Many thanks to the judges GundamBeginner, Lupes and Syd for their scrutiny in evaluating all our entries!

-I also must comment on how fast I received my prize . . . roughly 1 week from Japan to U.S.?!  That's a lot faster than when I used to order from years prior.

Now unfortunately I'm likely not going to be building the Banshee Norn myself; instead I will hand it over to my brother in attempt to change his obese-lifestyle of "free MMORPG jumping".  
 What do you all think--can Gunpla and Plastic Models promote healthier living?  

now obviously let's not think of how many times we have cut ourselves with the hobby knife, inhaled plastic dust, the paint fumes, time spent sitting . . . .