Saturday, July 13, 2013

[WIP/Preview] MG Re-GZ + resin conversion kit part 1

     Well, after looking at all the other amazing entries into Gundam Beginner's Weathering Contest . . . I definitely feel like I could've done better + given myself more time.  Winning or losing isn't why I pursue this hobby anyway =P

no time to sulk because I got another kit to work on!  *totally ignores his MG GP02 and HG Heavyarms*

To a greater sense of Refinement

     The Re-GZ, or 'Refined Gundam Zeta', appeared in the movie Char's Counter Attack first piloted by the legendary Amuro Ray, later passed down to Chan.  Ok let's get down to the bad news: the MG 1/100 Re-GZ is one of the first MGs ever produced . . . and thus is really lacking compared to the much newer HGUC Re-GZ. 

So when I heard about a conversion kit for the kit being affordable I immediately emptied my wallet.  This particular re-cast was purchased through; it's the first time I've purchased something through them (they are Hong Kong based) and being my first resin-anything I didn't have many high/low expectations.  I'm eager to take my first stab at building with resin and to 'beef-up' my favorite iteration of the Zeta.  (to be fair not many consider this a Zeta Gundam . . . it's probably saying similarly the Hyaku-Shiki is a prototype Zeta).

space AK-47s . . . a very Zeon-looking gun

more after the jump

not even close to finishing haha

a few notes before anyone is curious about diving into resin:
-Read Major William's guide(s) over and over and over
-resin is more fragile than your typical gunpla plastic (I broke the V-fin already!)
-expect 1-2 months for the product to be 'made' and shipped to you

My plan of attack

     Well I already got the parts cleaned, degreased, sanded.  After the above fitting I realized I have to go back and sand some more.  I will also have to get some putty to seal in the gaps I cannot sand.

other stuff to note:
-wing binders/boosters will require something to support/connect to (like brass rods)
-you re-use all the joint parts from the original MG Re-GZ kit to put together this kit
-some parts like the rifle and wings came bent so had to use hot water to bend them back . . . they still aren't perfect . . . depends how anal you want to be about these things.
-the 'mag-clip' on the included rifle makes the whole thing look weak--going to try my hand at scratch-building a bigger clip.

My quick doodle for paint scheme

     That ak-47-like rifle on the original artwork inspired me to go Russian. 
thanks Dalong for the scan
 Behold, my terrible paint skills:
not 100% painted of course
      I wanted to preserve as much of the original Re-GZ color scheme as I could; at the same time, I wanted to try painting traditional camouflage patterns.  It just so happens  I have an answer to that coming fresh out of playing all the Ace Combat games on the Playstation and having a revitalized appreciation for military aircraft.

too bad Gundams aren't usually this aerodynamic
     The paint scheme is inspired by the Su-33d Russian air defense fighter.  Since the Re-GZ can transform into waverider mode I figured 'why not?' paint it like an aircraft.  Good/Bad idea?

Well in closing that quick doodle doesn't represent what the final work should look like.  Also don't expect any updates for the next 1-2 months because I will take my sweet time with this (well, that and I'm trying new things).

Thanks for reading!