Thursday, May 2, 2013

[WIP] HG 1/100 Heavyarms EW

-Re-upped MG Crossbone photos so they all show in lightbox slideshow pop-up

what a short spring we're having in California, summer is right around the corner.  Anyhow, just an update on what I'm working on in my free time--the HG 1/100 Heavyarms Custom from Endless Waltz.

I originally received this as a gift from dear cousin . . . back in the year 2000?!  This kit is very old!

*For more seasoned gunpla builders wanting a Heavyarms kit I highly recommend overlooking this and going straight to the MG Heavyarms even if it's not the Endless Waltz version.  There's no argument on which is better between kits more than 10-years apart.

 Just a look into how many seamlines this thing has; I use Mr. Surfacer 500 and 1000 both as primer and to fill in seamlines a bit (after Mr. Cement and sanding, of course). 

So after all these years losing a part or two is normal.  Here I couldn't find the wrist-piece so I just . . . cemented the polycap to the rest of the arm . . . . XD

I'm actually re-building this kit after hastily snapping it together over a decade ago.  I think I'm going to retro-honor my cousin's good intentions by building it properly =)
oh . . . well that does look weird--I guess I could pass it on as battle damage?  I used the missile pods for my MG Alex so only the left leg will have them.  I'm also missing a piece on the back skirt armor  . . . yeah, let's plan some battle-damage effects for this kit!  (OK that would suck if I find the missing wrist piece afterwards)

BUT . . . there's another problem:  I'm low on paints.  I'll leave it to your imagination what sort of paint scheme I'm trying to go for here.  In the meantime, I think I'll start building another kit while waiting for funds to kick in.  I must emphasize that model building/finishing tools can get costly when you go beyond simply snap-fitting kits out of the box.

Until next time!  Without paint it will be some time before I post my next finished kit =(