Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gundam Beginner's Contest; projects postponed

UPDATE:  05/24 -- Included some shots of my contest WIP

this is very last minute but wanted to note that Gundam Beginner is having a Weathering Contest (GWC 1.0) open to anyone who is a follower of the site.  The deadline to enter is May 26th (!), additional rules after the link. 

Since I hesitantly decided to particpate I will have to put-off the kits I'm working on currently (my bad to take on two kits at once =<).  Neither qualify for the contest since I've already painted some of the parts. 

the two kits postponed
I will finish you two . . . someday

hmm, that's weird that my camera doesn't pick up the Purple accent of that color on the GP02--I mixed tamiya purple and blue together to get a more vibrant blue (but it's not showing).  I really like the default off-white color so it's just detailing from here on.  If anyone is any at all interested in purchasing the 1/100 MG GP02a, I can safely recommend it if you can find for <$40 USD.  Otherwise there are two affordable and newer versions in the HGUC 1/144 line.

I also have another kit given to me by a colleague I haven't opened, aside from the HG 1/100 Heavyarms EW .  Time to honor friend by building it well . . . I do plan on trying some new technique(s) on it including masking a camouflage (crossing my fingers here).

but seriously--consider entering the contest

here's the current progress on my entry: the 1/144 HGUC Zaku I ver. Black Tri-Stars . . .

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welcome to "Seam-line Hell":

 here I highlighted the seamlines that need fixing during the regular assembly of the kit.  Since I plan to re-paint the kit for Earth combat this is going to be a MAJOR PAIN in the butt; even more so because I plan to apply a camouflage . . . . I'm already feeling the first wave of headaches.

this is mostly thanks to how the arm is constructed--the elbow joint cannot be removed from the rest of the arm assembly if you want to fix those seams.  This will require A LOT of patience (and a lot of masking tape).  See the part breakdown here via Dalong

My immediate impression of this kit: it's NOT for the weak-hearted.  Sure the articulation is excellent for a 1/144 . . . the way Bandai engineers chose to assemble the arms will require a lot of work.  If you want a Zaku I that looks better right out-of-the-box buy any of the MG 1/100 Zaku II ver 2.0s and strip it down to resemble a Zaku I (there's also the Zaku Cannon based on the same frame).  The RG Zaku II is also an excellent alternative if you want to keep it @ 1/144 scale

I'll be back in roughly a month . . .