Wednesday, April 3, 2013

OOBBO Contest WIP - 'This Ain't Even my Final Form'

     Wow it is already April; thought I would make a quick update since the best possible day for painting turned very gloom . . . very fast.  Well, you know you're living in a great place when the smell of manure/fertilizer permeates the air (would prefer over smog any day).

anyhow, and update for the kit I'm going to enter for GoodGuyDan's out of the box contest:

Testors Enamel paints

     These are . . . not the best.  Sure this is the first kit I've used an airbrush on, but when you compare to Tamiya Acrylics, Model Master Enamels, and Mr Hobby Lacquers . . . at least they don't have such a long cure-time nor clog the airbrush often.  Maybe I'm having no luck with my thinning ratios. 

I also find the amount Testors comes in per bottle is very . . . limited.
7.4mL vs 10+ mL other brands offer per bottle.  Not very effective in terms of cost I have to say.  I'm going to try a different brand of enamels the next time I get the chance.

Mixing paint

how I mix paints

    How exciting . . . I wanted to get a very dark purple-blue but ended up with something very light and pale. grrr.  I recommend getting some cheap pipettes in bulk to transfer paint without the mess!

I also attempted masking a kit for the first time, here is my current WIP after the jump:

"This Ain't Even my Final Form!"
She turned out nothing like how I thought originally.  One reason I normally don't do 1/144 scale Gunpla often is due to the limited articulation--since the contest rules state I cannot modify the underlying plastic I believe I shot myself in the foot in this regard because this kit is a far cry from much more current HG 1/144s.  Then again, due to the design even the 1/100 MG Ex-S doesn't do much better in terms of articulation =P

almost fully constructed
mmm . . . peperoncini

If you look closely, you may notice some rough points where there shouldn't be any.  I have to admit . . . I sand my parts down really hard and it's a habit I ought to break out of.  I also cut with my NEW hobby knife during the masking process so there are imperfections on the surface.  Hopefully I will be able to correct this before the weathering stage!

side view
looks better from the side =)

Until next time; I should have a review/gallery up by then.