Saturday, April 13, 2013

HGUC Ex-S WIP2 and [yearly] haul

among all the days of bad weather there have been enough sunny days to get this far; here's a preview of the HGUC 1/144 Ex-S Gundam I'm working on:

wip2 rear view
mmm . . . dat MASS
Currently finishing up the waterslide decals stage.  Here I used Krylon Acrylic Gloss
for prior to applying decals.  It is actually more 'flat' than 'glossy', but the decals appear to adhere to the surface nicely.  To note is I'm using Easy-Model waterslides, which aren't Bandai official.  I find them a bit better for reasons such as being more readily available and not 'breaking apart' as easily (at least compared to older Bandai waterslides, from 2010 and prior).

I'm actually not sure if I have the time to 'complete' the kit to my liking with the OOBBO contest deadline coming up in a week--I'd still like to do a light weathering with Vallejo pastels.  I don't believe I've ever spent over the course of 1-month's time on any HG kit before . . . #adultresponsibilities.

Anyways, maybe I haven't mentioned to anyone before--but since 2010-11 I have not purchased any new model kits (for myself, at least).  To be honest I'm not that good as I'd like to be + I have a sizable amount of older kits I want to 're-build' and practice on. 

TL;DR don't expect any model kits released within the past 3-4 years on my blog =P (the MG Crossbone Full Cloth released back in 2007!).

but maybe 1-2 times a year a really sweet deal comes by . . .

1/144 hildolfr box contents
undoubtedly one of my most-wanted kits

Behold, the Bandai EX 1/144 Hildolfr from MS Igloo!
By chance I found this guy at an auction and ended up purchasing for less than the other lowest price I could find.  It was not something I wanted to pass up on since I absolutely love the design (both watching the show and playing as Hildolfr in the Gundam Extreme VS game for PS3).

But I won't build this kit anytime soon, at least not until I've refined my model building techniques.  Sorry, Ex-S Gundam, you are only a stepping stone to building model kits I like more . . .

Until next update, take care because it is Pollen/Allergy Season here in the West coast.