Sunday, March 10, 2013

Monthly Update; new tools

Well it's time for an update--because blogging helps keep my sanity in check right?  It has been roughly 1-month since I registered for GoodGuyDan's Oot-of-Box-Blast-Off contest and I've made very little progress due to Spring rains.

I've actually run into more than a few hitches:
-white primer on dark colored molded plastic is NOT a good idea since it takes too many layers.  I switched to using a Gray Primer to remedy this.
-using my new airbrush is more difficult than I first thought due to my not being thorough with thinning paints.  I re-read some of the airbrush tips I've linked on the Resources section of my blog and should be getting much smoother sprays from now on.

and here is some rejoicing . . .

I find that I do more of my personal shopping during the Spring than Holidays--why is that?  Could me many things--namely the time around March/April is when the big computer chip manufacturers switch to making more advanced computer parts /end nerd.  But here I've acquired a few new tools to help streamline my hobby.
From left to right:
-stainless restaurant-use cups (will use for mixing paint)
-Olfa hobby knife (with safety cap!)
-Xuron micro cutter (good-bye toenail clipper)
-50ft 1/4-inch air hose + adapter for compressor

that last item requires a bit of explanation.  Maybe I'll take the opportunity to make a 'My Tools' post/section in the future if anyone wants to reference.  Anyhow I was able to afford a new airbrush since I had the 40% off coupon from Michael's/Aaron Brothers stores . . . as well as owning an air compressor already.  But not a simple hobby compressor . . .

     Behold, the kind of air compressor I used for nailing down hardwood flooring and powering other air tools.  It's REALLY OVERKILL for hobby use (and really loud!)--that explains the 50ft air hose, well . . . partly.  There's also another small detail about using compressors + airbrushes (a good thing to explain if I ever get to writing about it!)

Here's a quick note about my setup:
air compressor > 1/4" air hose > moisture trap(!) > 3/8"(?) air hose > air brush

Please don't walk away from this thinking you need this heavy-duty kind of compressor; it's in my situation of already owning one of these that I also use it for my hobby.  =)

Until next time--by then I should have my HGUC 1/144 Ex-S Gundam completed and a review for it too