Saturday, February 9, 2013

Year of the Snake, and an update

Cobra Gundam
     Happy [Lunar] New Year!  Today marks the end of the year according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar.  I wish everyone prosperity and good health!  I happen to fall under the year of the Snake so I'm feeling quite old . . .

Anyhow--a small update after the jump:


can you guess what I'm building?
     My current project is stalled . . . I ran out of paint.  All my previous projects are completed using Tamiya TS canned sprays for the most part; after a few years you eventually start finding it expensive.  So I want to keep building gunpla but don't want to blow all my money on paints in particular.

But no fear . . . I have obtained the holy grail:

Iwata HP-CS airbrush

I'm very excited to have picked up my first airbrush--an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS!   This is available at my local Aaron Brothers for $169.99--I used Michael's (they own AB) monthly 40% off coupon to make this $102! 

Ok, here me out first.  You gotta spend money--to save money.  You can find a lot of guides relating to airbrushes online and my Tools page; an airbrush is my biggest single expenditure concerning my hobby of building model kits.  While the cost initially is up there, the results will hopefully show themselves--consuming less paint, finer finishes, and the ability to mix for custom colors. 

In short: better looking model kits!  Though not immediately, I'll be taking it slow the coming months since I have yet to acquire all the supplies I need (including setting up a workspace).

Until next time, hopefully I'll have something cool to show.