Saturday, December 22, 2012

poor man's Top Coat?; preview of future updates

Picked up 2 cans of Krylon clear acrylic top coat to try out.  I'm sure the photo says it all: you're getting significantly more topcoat for the money.

To break it down:

Krylon:  $7.50 for 325ml (11oz)  = $0.02 per oz

Mr. TopCoat:  $10 for 88ml = $0.11 per oz

If my math is correct, I'm paying significantly LESS for MORE.  But does it work? 
That's what I plan to find out in the following few months when it stops raining constantly

So don't run out to your local Walmart/Michael's arts/crafts store to buy some right away cause I can't guarantee these are suitable replacement for Mr. Hobby brand . . . at least not yet.  I've read mixed accounts of these working for some and not working out for others.  

In the meantime I'm thinking about putting up reviews of non-Gundam related stuff:

 I really enjoyed the Tiger & Bunny anime so when I saw the SH Figuarts on sale I couldn't help but grab some.  Expect a photo review of each in the near future.