Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[Completed] MG 1/100 RX-78NT-1 Gundam Alex

This is more a short photoshoot than an actual review of the kit, but I would like to provide what I think about this very old kit.  With a bit of weathering and detailing it is a fantastic kit, albeit short of gimmicks.  I don't believe it's still produced, nontheless the kit is very straightforward enough for anyone looking for a nice template outside of just straight-building a model kit.


The Gundam Alex appears in the Gundam OVA "0080: War in the Pocket" and had a very short debut.  Originally this unit was to be delivered to ace pilot Amuro Ray during the One Year War but did not due to the events described in the OVA. 

I received this kit as a gift from my Uncle/Aunt returning from Hong Kong; at the time the kit was obtainable for roughly $25.  I suspect it's out of production now as it is one of the first ever Master Grade gundam kits Bandai has ever produced.

I put this kit together years ago but only recently have revisited it.  Because of time constraints (lawl adult responsibilities) I didn't re-build the kit as I had originally planned.  Instead this kit is my second attempt at using weathering pigments.  If you are curious what tools I used, please visit my Tools Section under Gunpla (currently under construction)

Build Impressions

With some effort, the kit looks nice.  You can see the straight-build version on Dalong's review site HERE.
*and yes GRRR I realize I didn't sand down all the nub marks >.<

I'd like to share a tip for fellow builds: apply topcoat/clearcoat before weathering or your pigments don't really go over the waterslide decals and something like this happens.  D'OH I will try not to ever forget this again.

notice the 'white outline' around the decals


It moves like a modern day 1/144 High Grade kit . . . a testament to just how old this kit is.
*I did a bit of cutting and shaving to boost the articulation a bit, you can see an example in a previous post HERE


Not shown here are the Beam Rifle and Shield.  I also neglect to show the beam sabers here.

90mm Gatling Guns mounted on either wrist are probably Alex's signature weapons.  The arm slides 'apart' to reveal the gun.  other than this, there isn't any more articulation.  The barrel doesn't rotate or anything.
I should mention that I shaved a bit of the 'brow' away over the eyes and I find that gives a more 'menacing' look to it, don't you think?

The Chobham Armor is not really a weapon as much a gimmick.  I didn't put the entire armor set on the kit because it severely limited articulation and removed much of the appeal.  I tried to do a sorta battle damaged version instead =)

attaching mechanism
I added rocket pods from my HG 1/100 Heavyarms XD

Closing Thoughts

Things I liked:

+ Very easy build, is like a very large HG kit
+ Rock solid, I only snapped the right should off by playing with it too much
+ Not expensive
+ Shoulder joints are covered by this rubbery piece--adds a bit of realism and fine detail

What could've been better:

- Articulation out of the box is not very good, takes some cutting and sanding




This kit is not very good compared to the 1/144 HG released in recent history since this MG is very old.  The feature-set is also very minimal.  Still, if you can find it for cheap this is a very good template for honing weathering or other further building skills.

I would NOT purchase this kit again, simply because the MG RX-78 Gundam has been remade so many times and the HG 1/144 Alex is more recent.    If you like the external armor idea, take at look at the MG 1/100 Duel Gundam--it's a recent release and is rich with gimmicks.  Otherwise, you could try for a resin conversion or re-modeling a more current RX-78 mold.

Other Review:


Price paid: received as gift (would be around $25-30 USD) + $6 Easy-Decal waterslides
Finishing tools: Tamiya TS spray paints, Tamiya Acylic chrome yellow, Mr Top Coat flat, sanding sticks 200-300 grit, gundam marker (metallic green), Dremel rotary cutting/sanding tool

I hope you enjoyed my rather brief post, until next time!