Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gunpla Instructions

cleaning out the archives and found this, thought I would share:

 . . . haha good times.  When I first started Gunpla I was not but 10yrs old or so and everything was in moonspeak.  Of course not until the grander localization of Gundam Wing and MSG that Bandai America started including an additional copy of the instruction manual in their model kits.  But that era is largely over and we're back to getting them straight from Japan (or China).

In other news, I've been playing a lot of SD Gundam Capsule fighter ever since I found out it was out of beta in the U.S.  You can  check it out in the hyperlink up there.  Made in Korea, so expect a lot of their free-mmorpg elements build-in.  At many times I find the game very grindy . . . . very.  But no other Gundam game has had this vast array of MS to choose from ... currently.  It's free, for the most part, so give it a try!

Upcoming, I'm working on a very old model kit that I dug out of the closet--It was given to me for my birthday many years ago and I just felt great injustice if I did not complete the kit to my fullest and have it on display =)

Until next time