Friday, August 3, 2012

A little mod--shaving excess plastic

Now if you've been into gunpla since some of the earlier kits, you may regret your purchase a little as newer kits are just fantastic out of the box.

I recently dug out my old MG Gundam Alex for a rebuild and just found the overall poseability disappointing.  The best part is the simpler the kit, the more fun it is to modify.

Here's a quick mod to the chest piece in order to create more shoulder articulation.  This is probably the easiest mod you could do--as it's basically shaving/cutting away some unnecessary plastic:

 So what I did there is just shave away carefully with my hobby knife that opening from the body to the shoulder joint.  See the result below . . .


You can notice that one shoulder is able to pivot up farther than the other, this is because there is no plastic blocking the connecting ball joint.  The change is subtle, but the effect is greatly magnified when applied to both shoulder.  I'm also using this technique to extend the motions of the legs as well.  

Similarly, I will be shaving away some plastic around the waist not just to give it a slimmer look, but to improve the rotating movement since the skirt armor stops a lot of movement.

I'm sure there are far better modifications out there, I just want to share this simple yet amazing you can easily do.  One more step to becoming a Gunpla Meister XD