Monday, July 30, 2012

[Completed] MG 1/100 Gundam Wing Zero (ver. EW)

I’m not a huge an of the wings gimmick on this kit and I may never be, however, the rest of the kit is a fantastic mold and a worthy display piece when finished.  I ran a bit short on time with this one so I didn’t get as many photos as I wanted.
This may be a shorter-than-anticipated review, but I absolutely must move on with my other projects.

 EDIT: I've re-upped the pictures so that they'll open in Lightbox pop-up rather than separate window; hope this makes it easier to view through them.

EDIT2: !@#$% Bandai announced MG Wing-Zero!  Forget entirely about this kit and buy that one!   having the whole protag/antagonist thing with the Epyon there with the pronounced bulk yet sharp corners.  2013 is the year the world didn't end--and that's more than reason enough to celebrate.


remember this scene?
The Wing Gundam Zero Custom from the Endless Waltz OVA, the only Gundam I ever paid to watch (before I figured you could stream them online).  The Wing Gundam franchise was an early one to be localized in the United States during the golden age of Toonami; gundam action figures and model kits were suddenly available in stores like Walmart and Toysrus (whereas now and before they were only found in dedicated hobby or import shops). 
Thinking about it now I’m not sure why I bought this kit—a return to my early years of gundam-mania? 

Build Impressions

*PLEASE refer to Dalong's excellent review for the WZC if you want to see the construction process--as I do not have the habit of documenting myself.  That site also has scans of the instructions and other resources.
I repainted it with Tamiya French Blue because the out-of-the-box default blue was just dark and, personally, ugly.  I also had a bottle of chrome yellow lying around so why not haha. 
The build is quite straightforward, I found the kit to be very sturdy despite its appearance.  Now the Wing Zero verEW is a very feminine-looking MS, I actually like it more _without_ its wings. 
the kit does well to hide many seamlines, but there are some notable ones requiring fixing:
-Backpack: the joints holding the wings to the backpack show obvious seamlines
-Wings: halves of the 'secondary wings'
-Rifles: halves of the rifles when snapping together (both separate rifles)
Easy-Decal waterslides
easy-model waterslides, NOT official Bandai

 I ordered these off Ebay (ships from HK) because the kit comes with a sheet of stickers and an even smaller sheet of dry-rubs. 
These dry-rubs came with the kit
For $6 USD I can hardly use half the waterslides and I feel like that’s enough for the kit.  (or did I just get too lazy?)

Anyhow, the results are fantastic, even though these are non-official waterslides these are far more available than the Bandai ones.  I also encourage using decals over stickers because they will appear "painted" on the finished product.  I had no issues with the product, I would have easily been fooled to believe these are official Bandai ones.


That waist-pivoting action is gorgeous. 

I found the waist to be a bit loose, however, because the wings are quite heavy . . .
Speaking of, they have their gimmicks

Simple and effective, bravo Bandai engineers

This is one problem I had—in order to be able to recreate the OVA firing pose the shoulders need to stretch forward, but that does compromise how the vulcans on the chest are attached.  I cemented the vulcans back on because they are just that easy to snap.

I like this, more knees should be made like this


Buster Rifle

Typical 2 pieces of plastic put together; I neglected to sand it down because that would mean repainting.
of course, one must recreate the final shooting of the buster rifle from the OVA . . .
Hmm the innards of the wings are sparse in detail.
the hands do not have a slot for the weapon, nor do the weapons have stubs in which to hold steady, this makes holding anything for the WZC difficult. /sadface

there is one thing, there’s this stub on the end of the gun

if you can’t see it, I circled it here

What you want to do is ‘hitch’ that to the elbow or shoulder to keep the gun from falling over.  It works, but may limit the number of poses you can do.

Conversely, you can just hope it stays put long enough to get a photo

Chest Vulcan

nothing special here; the head’s width makes showing them off difficult though.  As I mentioned before I snapped these off accidentally since they block both head and shoulder movements.  A word of caution when assembling your own.
Beam Saber
Kit comes with 2, and are stored in the wings.  Apologies for the older pics being used here.

Display Stand
take note of the chipped paint; don't play with it too much!
It’s the same one the Strike IWISP comes with—it’s very  . . . light and so I would put something heavy on it to prevent the kit from tipping over.
Otherwise, the stands by Bandai provide you with the same connector and are far more stable--I would definitely look into buying one.

extra hands . . . where are they?! T.T

Closing Thoughts


+Despite worries, the backpack assembly is solid and isn’t loose
+Sleeker, sexier than the previous Perfect Grade rendition


-No ‘tabs’ to connect the buster rifle/beam sabers to hand (for better grip)
-few gimmicks (can I really count this given the design?), where are the extra hands?
-loose faceplate
-Stand is not very heavy/stable.  I recommend putting a paperweight on top of it. or using another stand altogether (e.g. Bandai Action Base)


I purchased this kit at the same time my Crossbone FC at anime convention around 2007, paying about $35.  With Yen inflation this might run you closer to $40-45 USD.  To be honest I never liked any of the Wing Gundam designs, but this model kit is finely molded and proportioned.  It’s a very feminine looking machine, and I like my robots sleek and sexy. 

Is this kit worth buying? eh, Maybe

Buy it only if you like the design; it’s more a display piece than something one would enjoy playing with after construction (lol isn't that all model kits?).  Unlike some of the more heavily accessorized kits like the Crossbone, this WZC is sparse when it comes to gimmicks.  I didn’t find this a particularly fun build, but the results are very nice for the aesthetics. 
So there is no deal-breaking problem with the kit . . . yet I can't say there's anything "special" about the kit to warrant purchase (unless you're a fan of the Wing Zero from Endless Waltz, of course).  There are better kits out there.

       Alternatively, you can get the Ver. Ka or TV version of the Wing Gundam in 1/100 MG scale too.

Other Review:

Price Paid: ~$35 USD circa 2007 + $6 sheet of Easy-Model waterslides from China
Finishing tools: Paint (Tamiya TS chrome yellow, french blue, german gray), Mr Topcoat flat, sanding 200-300 grit, gundam marker metallic green

I prefer it doing poses on the ground than in the air, am I so weird?
Next time I will review its alternate mold, the MG 1/100 Wing Gundam ver. Ka! coughbandaimarketingatitsfinestcough