Saturday, June 2, 2012

Repainting the Wing Ver. Ka

Don't you just love it when someone has the same model kit?  It's the perfect opportunity to customize your gunpla!

     My brother recently received a MG Wing Gundam ver. Ka for his birthday; it turns out I had one of my own stashed in the closet.  So when I build it, I'll definitely make it different.  Here's what I have in mind so far:  (Can you guess what I was going for? XD)
9,000 hours in Photoshop

All the official Bandai waterslides are sold out anyway.  I'm thinking about getting some custom-made decals off Ebay *crossing fingers*.  I wonder if anyone has experience with these kind of items.

EDIT: Dangit, someone got to it first
Unfortunately, I do not know the source.  Mad props to builder

oh anyhow, ZeroFour Gundam has a nice guide on using spray paints--and this particularly appeals to me since I do not usually hand-paint or own an airbrush.  You can see the post HERE.

Until next time!