Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[Completed?] MG RX-79[G] Gundam Ground

*EDIT* 2015 - Kit has been sold, hope the new owner does the kit justice!

Welp, time for a review--let's get on with it.

During the original OYW 0079 we had mass-produced versions of the original Gundam to counter the Zeeks' Zaku mobile suit.  Along the lines the Earth Federation MP-ed some real gundam knock-offs here as  the Gundam [G].  This MS appeared in the 08th MS Team, a 12-episode side-story.  I think I originally purchased this kit around 2001 through HLJ--today it hovers around $30.

Since I did not take pictures of the parts, nor the build prior to my weathering--I will refer to for further information regarding box contents and the straight-build.

You'll have to excuse my less-than-stellar photos as my camera is a Sony-WSC from 2004

 This is actually the first kit I attempted to both do some weathering and battle-scarring on.  My approach was simply to make it look like wear-and-tear so as to do as little as possible.

If you look carefully, you can see that I used a bit too much dark gray pastel on the head, so the entire head unit appears darker than the rest of the body =<

I attempted to made a mud-stained effect for the legs and it seems to have turned out alright.


Is actually better than the kits that came before it.  I chiseled a bit of the plastic where the knee was so it would actually bend a bit more--but it's a very minor thing.

Fair assortment of weapons.  NOT PICTURED: Beam Rifle.

Beam Saber:

Recreates the show by storing the saber in the side-pocket of the knee area.


Unfortunately I could not get it to stay on the hand because of the lack of a peg for connection.  The ball joint for the wrist is also poorly done, and a main gripe I have for this particular kit.  Newer kits don't have this problem at all because their wrists are use double-ball-joints.

Neat hinge so the shield is moveable and makes recreating of scenes from the show possible.  I find a shield this small to be ridiculous for blocking fire.  But because of the sheer realism put into the show I can't say it's as useless as say . . . Gundam Double-X's shield. =P


The cannon can be taken apart so . . .

. . . you can recreate parts of the show!  Backpack time


 The backpack does not add much weight to the kit, even with the cannon inside.  I mean, it's a ground-combat Gundam so adding ridiculous things to the back like wings or cannons would be ridiculous . . .

If I ever find time in the future, I could prob take a few more pictures and update this review.  For now, I will summarize strengths and weaknesses to anyone curious about the kit. 

+ Very sturdy, a solid kid for price, no loose parts
+ Moderate amount of accessories (beam rifle not pictured above)

- Lacks the bells and whistles of current kits
- No dedicated method of holding weapons on hands
- Wrists are weak ball-joints; tendency for hands to fall off

     For fans of the series, this is a good rendition in 1/100 scale--and the only 1/100 scale of this particular Gundam available.  For the price it comes with a good amount of weapons and makes use of the backpack gimmick from the show.
     However, I cannot see a point in purchasing this unless you must have a 1/100 scale of the RX-79.  Therefore I recommend the 1/144 HGUC version simply because it offers the same, if not better, rendition and articulation you would find on this larger scale kit.  Otherwise, if you must get a 1/100 scale Gundam model kit there are far better alternatives with the newer kits (because this kit is 11-years old).  Plastic kits have come a long way; later, I will review some kits produced after 2009 so you can get an idea what to expect today.

Short Answer: Don't Buy unless you MUST have a 1/100 scale version of the RX-79[G].  A solid kit for fans.  Otherwise, consider the HGUC 1/144--the Hardgraph one comes with more weapons!

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