Sunday, January 29, 2012

[Progress] Weathering on Gundam[G]

So I wanted to give you guys a brief look on how I did the weathering.

First I sanded the kit down using my Dremel 300 rotary tool.  While sandpaper accomplishes the same effect, I found the sandpaper wears out too fast—so I could potentially go through a few moderately sized sheets for a single kit and consequently would have to pick up more sheets.  Therefore, I used a rotary tool.  On top of that, it’s possible to make some wear & tear effects (e.g. battle damage) using a combination of the rotary tool and a hobby knife.

Anyways, for the weathering I used Vallejo pigments.  These can create a ‘texture’ on your model kit depending on how much water or pigment solution one adds.


For instance, at first I didn’t get the effect I wanted for mud, so I added more water than usual.  Anyways, here’s a few pics of where I stopped working. I used a bit of a charcoal color for the upper-body, but it was hard to capture with the camera I'm using.  I'll try to get some better shots for the upcoming review (who knows when that will be >.>).


Pretty neat, but I’m sure you guys could do much better since I had a bit of a time constraint.  That, and I’m itching to build my Crossbone Gundam XD