Thursday, March 16, 2017

[Completed] MG+Resin Crossbone Gundam X2 kai

Well I've hit a new low--just over a whole year and a mere single kit completed.  Word of advice to never stretch your project out too long because I've experienced a rollercoaster of frustrations building this kit.  At the end of all this I am very exhausted--I think I'm just going to snapfit a few kits I have in backlog just to work off the stress!

EDIT: 05/2017 -- Bandai has announced an official release for the X2 kai!  Why did I go through all the trouble with this resin conversion when I could've waited a year! My advice if you like this version of the Crossbone X2 preorder the official one--you won't have to deal with fragile resin this way.

You can view my Work in Progress here where I cover the modifications I've made to address my previous issues concerning the inner frame.

Let's get down to it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

[WIP] MG + Resin Crossbone x2

Surprise surprise I'm still alive!  Can you believe it has been a whole year since I have posted something here?

*EDIT*  I was going to have the photoshoot done for the completed kit but I'm taking care of my cousin for a bit on the account of his breaking the leg via dirt bike accident.  Sorry, everyone, completed photos will have to wait! Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

You may recall my review of the MG Crossbone X1 Full Cloth a whopping 4 years ago.  It was there I commented on how fragile the kit was--but I still wouldn't mind buying another to have the X2 variant . . . well guess what?  It happened.

It's not the P-Bandai X2 though . . . I actually acquired a second MG X1 from a friend for super cheap.  Fast-forward to the present year I come across a RESIN CONVERSION and just went for it!

My Goals were simple:
-finish a kit this year
-make this crossbone different from my previous crossbone gundam
-learn something new

What I ended up doing:
-partially finish a kit
-made it different enough
-played with fire

I actually didn't care much for the 'short' proportions of the Crossbone . . . it's bad enough it's based on the MG F91 frame--one of the shortest gundams.  You can see above the artwork is about 8 heads proportions and both the MG and the new HG 1/144 are about 8.5 heads proportions.

let's see what I ended up with after the jump . . . .