Wednesday, December 6, 2017

End of the Year Update; upgraded spraybooth and moving blog content

I'm a bit disappointed I didn't complete any kits this year from start to finish.  A lot of 'starts' but no completions.  Anyways going to be as least wordy as possible:

I'm discontinuing my blog [soon].

It's been fun but I'm looking towards using maybe IMGUR for storing pictures of my completed stuff and for sharing them.  Plus it fulfills everything I need: hi-resolution pictures, some form of commenting, it isn't blocked in China, etc.  I don't think Twitter is something for me at the moment . . plus those kinda services have a tendency to keep up with trends and 'bury' everything else.  I'm always open to suggestions though.

I've been playing a lot of video games in my downtime.  Nostalgia's a powerful drug, especially when I heard the announcement from FROM SOFTWARE (the guys behind Dark Souls and more pertinent to me the Armored Core series) that they are "not done with the Armored Core series".  So guess what?  I've been re-playing just about all the old AC games from Playstation 1, 2, and now I'm just able to play the more recent ones  thanks to a hand-me-down xbox360 console from a cousin. 

I'm not done building.  

Between work and what other hobbies I have it doesn't mean I'm quitting the hobby of building model kits or anything. 

Seems more like a  hiatus or whatever you want to call it.  I have plenty of plans written down for what I want to build in the future!

I don't want to tease or anything but my future looks like more dioramas and I may look into 3d printing!

For my last bit of content I wanted to share a quick mod I did for my cheap spraybooth I purchased a few years ago:  Adding another ventilation fan.

I bought a cheap 'no-brand' paint spray booth and felt it was too loud . . . so logically I took it apart.

The booth uses a PC Fan usually found in servers to vent fumes.  Using an app on my phone I measured 70 Decibels of noise. It sounded like a hairdryer to me.

LEFT: OLD   RIGHT: Replacement Fan

I ordered 2 fans of the same dimensions to replace it.  If you look into the specs these spin slower and move less air.  BUT I'm using TWO of these!  Airflow can be cumulative but I'm hoping that's not the same for noise.

I cut a hole in the plastic to fit the second fan

 the wiring wasn't that bad.  I stripped the cabling and used an old Y-splitter cable for PC fans I had lying around.  I spliced the cables, tied the ends off, and sealed with electrical tape.  This was my first time doing anything of this nature and IT WORKS!

Bolted a new fume duct to the back so I can funnel the air exhaust through a duct pipe.

-I measured 56 Decibels of noise with my phone.  What a large improvement!  It sounds closer to a microwave now and nothing like a hair-dryer.  Can totally watch some Gundam episodes while painting.
-MORE air is being moved!  Although I still recommend having a well-ventilated space to paint in addition to a fume hood.

Wait, don't PC Fans catch fire when moist things like paints get in the motor?!

I've looked into this.  Server PC fans are fairly heavy duty and have a layer of grease isolating the components from the outside.  You could submerge the fans in water and they would still operate no problems.  You can find many examples of people doing this on the webs.

Though to be honest if I didn't have this spraybooth already I would have made my own spraybooth with a proper duct/ventilation fan.

And that's it for content.  Thank you to everyone over the years who has looked at my work and keep sharing our hobby!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

[Completed] MG+Resin Crossbone Gundam X2 kai

Well I've hit a new low--just over a whole year and a mere single kit completed.  Word of advice to never stretch your project out too long because I've experienced a rollercoaster of frustrations building this kit.  At the end of all this I am very exhausted--I think I'm just going to snapfit a few kits I have in backlog just to work off the stress!

EDIT: 05/2017 -- Bandai has announced an official release for the X2 kai!  Why did I go through all the trouble with this resin conversion when I could've waited a year! My advice if you like this version of the Crossbone X2 preorder the official one--you won't have to deal with fragile resin this way.

You can view my Work in Progress here where I cover the modifications I've made to address my previous issues concerning the inner frame.

Let's get down to it.